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Brain Computer Interface

Brain computer interface  (BCI) applications are a study in complexity.  Not only does the amplifier system need to record precision data, but the data throughput from the amplifier to the recording software needs to be carefully considered.   Sensorium has a long history and tradition of ensuring the highest quality data. To this end, the hardware and software are co-developed for a seamless system to ensure not only data quality but timing as well.

The DBPA amplifier and acquisition software work together as an excellent foundation for BCI applications.  The software allows for features in the data can be used to trigger analog output signals which in turn can control third party devices, prosthetics and video systems.   With the ultimate goal of real time analysis, single trial information, feature extraction and short latency analysis are critical in the success of BCI applications. Therefore, the data quality afforded by the EEG/ERP amplifier system has a direct and critical impact on the quality of the BCI system itself.

Sensorium has spent decades defining excellence in EEG applications.  Our commitment to BCI comes naturally as BCI applications require the best data possible, and when possible, single trial extraction of evoked brain activity.   Sensorium has worked with customers and industry to develop custom solutions for specific BCI applications and our standard systems are used around the globe in BCI projects.