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The Finest Quality, Most Flexible EEG & ERP Instrumentation

In every industry, there exists the small company that works tirelessly in the background devoted to the pursuit of excellence. In the field of electrophysiology, that company is and has always been, Sensorium Inc.

For over 20 years, Sensorium has focused on providing the finest human and animal EEG & ERP systems for both the scientific and industrial communities. Often producing custom solutions to problems that other companies simply could not address. The most demanding laboratories in the world have chosen Sensorium to develop solutions for their research applications.

Defining Excellence In EEG

Sensorium’s focus on front end amplifier hardware still allows and even facilitates seamless integration with stimulus systems, eye trackers, response devices and other third party acquisition devices. Our systems have all the necessary inputs and outputs to integrate with third party providers. Precision timing is ensured with all third party devices by using direct physical connections between the Sensorium EEG & ERP acquisition hardware and the stimulus.

(Topography courtesy of Paul Kieffaber, PhD, The College of William & Mary)

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